Certification Courses

Using over 25 year’s experience in the business consulting industry, MAUS have developed certification courses for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Independent Consultants best leverage technology to automate and systemize a profitable consulting service to attract new clients and generate recurring revenue.

MAUS Certified Advisor Course

All business owners know the value of good strategic direction, however despite this, over 90% of business owners admit that they do not have an up to date business plan! MAUS has re-structured the entire business planning process to allow consultants to not only create impressive, professionally formatted business plans, but also utilize built-in accountability tools to keep your client on track!

MAUS ValueMax Certified Advisor Course

Take advantage of one the fastest growing advisory segments in the market. This software utilizes the Exit Planning Institute’s methodology to help you automate and structure your exit planning engagements with your clients. Easily produce stunning reports that will wow your clients using ‘best practice’ methodology and processes.

MAUS Accredited Partner Program

As part of the MAUS Accredited Partner Program, you become a part of a community that have access to the largest range of Software, Marketing, Lead Gen tools and Methodologies separating you from the other Consultants, Advisors & Coaches. You will complete a 4-day face to face training in which you will develop the core competancies that will empower you to run a successful practice.

With our experience and expertise we have continued to produce multi award-winning products plus a range of technology and services to help Business Advisors and SME’s achieve exceptional results. 

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