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Easily create impressive business plans for your clients! Raise capital, grow revenue and drive client monthly accountability meetings, all managed by MasterPlan Lean.

Easy to use diagnostics to structure the client engagement

Produce instant reports that will impress every time

Keep your clients accountable with a shared dashboard

MasterPlan Lean will help you create strategic business plans for your clients...and do it in a fraction of the time!

All business owners know the value of good strategic direction, despite this over 90% of business owners admit that they do not have an up to date business plan.

That’s why we have re-structured the whole business planning process, making it easier for Consultants & Advisors to prepare business plans for their clients while also implementing accountability tools to drive recurring revenue and keep your clients on track.

The MasterPlan Lean tool guides you through the whole process using a simple step-by-step wizard and automated reporting feature, that generates an “investor-ready” pitch deck that will WOW any bank, investor or just great to communicate with.

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Customer Spotlight

“I have worked with businesses for a long time, building business plans. The biggest problem is making sure you don’t forget anything; MAUS made it so easy and covers everything. One of my clients recently applied for a loan, using the plan I built. The bank was so impressed, they now send their business clients to me to have their business plans written. Thanks MAUS.”

Barry Knight – ARBDS

Key Features

The MasterPlan Lean Process

The MasterPlan Lean process helps you easily create your client’s business plan by guiding you through a simple set of questions which create a dialogue with your clients to determine strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages and strategic growth options.

The software creates a detailed action plan & milestones for your client based on their strategic goals. These tasks are then delegated to employees in the system. This increases accountability and establishes a regular monthly meeting and recurring revenue.

Compile your client’s finished plan into a “bank/investor-ready” slide deck – complete with financial and long-term forecasts.


The easiest way to keep your clients on track!

With MasterPlan Lean you can create “monthly review & coaching meetings” to ensure your client stays on track, working towards what has been set out in the plan.
MasterPlan Lean will automate this process in your clients business as you easily navigate through the step-by-step wizard to develop, plan and implement your clients strategic objectives.
Ensure all relevant individuals remain accountable to the strategic direction with automated reminder of tasks & objectives, tracked in your own client management portal. 
With the click of a button you can bring together all the content into a presentation ready, pitch deck that will WOW your clients every time.

Create impressive budgets and forecasts and milestones to help your clients scale, grow and build the value of their Business.

Within the MasterPlan Lean tool you can create simple budgets, forecasts and financial reports that your client will understand.


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MAUS utilizes a state of the art Cloud based technology for easy access, usability and efficiency. MAUS Cloud is one simple to use system to automate your business processes and save you hundreds of hours of time.

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MAUS' award winning software has been around for over 25 years. Produced in Australia, MAUS has served over 60,000 businesses across over 55 countries

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